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Our company, Manteca Tax Consultants, has a global network of CPA Tax accountants that can help you achieve better control over tax preparation and planning to meet your business’s needs. We offer you our proficiency and expertise in the state, federal, and local statutory regulations and our innovative services’ highest ethical standards.


We have a team of expert professionals in place for you to address specific accounting, payroll, and tax compliance issues. Our team adopts a practical and pragmatic approach to review your accounting, payroll, and tax needs and needs and determine what the real risks are there for you. It assures that any review or solution presented is entirely suitable for you as a business.

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Our team of professionals understands that many companies today are facing an increased strain on their tax accounting and reporting. Financial restatements, increased regulatory inspection over account balances and income tax declaration, compressed close cycles, as well as new reporting considerations and standards that organizational needs to follow for tax accounting.


Our company is composed of certified professional and support staff you can rely on as your trusted taxation and accounting services provider.


We serve as advisers and experts to assist businesses and individuals in efficiently and effectively managing their accounting, tax, financial reporting, and compliance needs.


Our CPA Tax accountants continuously strive to improve our clients’ bottom line through affordable accounting and reporting of operating costs, management costs, employee expenses, taxes, payroll, and costs related to overhead, including equipment, benefits, and software.


What can proper tax planning and preparation do to your business?


As we grow your business and serve our customers each day, month, and year can become your strengths. Our certified public accountants will manage, process, and keep track of all accounting dimensions, tax compliance, and financial reporting.


As a certified provider of services for multinational companies of all sizes and individuals- our reliable experts and Certified Public Accountant are ready to help you with your accounting, tax compliance, and financial reporting needs.


Manteca Tax Consultants help to grow your business with extensive industry knowledge and experience; provides dynamic advice and support to clients on essential financial matters, including financial reviews and audits, tax planning, preparation and consolidation, accounting, payroll and bookkeeping, complex equity transactions, employee stock compensation, revenue recognition, SEC requirements, and capitalization.

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With long years of experience in the accounting industry, we have become one of the leading sought after business advisers. With our technical expertise and experience in public accounting combined with international corporations regardless of the size of businesses, we can develop customized accounting, tax, financial reporting solutions, and strategies.


Our unmatched track records of firm ethics imprint confidence and trust. We use the latest technologies to stay competitive on trends and changes in the financial industry. This makes us remarkable to quickly respond and better assist you with attaining your financial goals for you and your business.


Experience efficient services of a trusted service provider for tax compliance, accounting, and payroll requirements. Get in touch with us today!